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The (9)(10) Counting Method  Written by Carla & Angela Annerino will teach you how to give or receive the accurate amount of change back everytime for any dollar amount!  Using this method, you will always have confidence when dealing with money exchange.  Servers, bartenders, cashiers, and the list goes on.  Everyone is a consumer and you should always know how much change you are going to receive.  Order you copy Today!  Enter to Win a copy of The Annerino (9)(10) Counting Method Today! How To Count Back Change / Teach / Money Exchange / Counting Method / Math / Self-Help / Counting Money Learn how to Make Change Fast! Bartenders, Cashiers, Servers, Consumers --Learn how to give or receive the correct change everytime!   Great for anyone that works in the money exchange industry.
Learn how to make change fast and accurately!
Enter for a chance to  WIN  a downloadable Ebook of "The Annerino (9)(10) Counting Method" written  by Carla Annerino & Angela Annerino.
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